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Make the Turn:

Elevate Your game

This golf instruction app features training for all levels of play from the world's most creative coach, Jeff Ritter. Videos, podcasts, and daily tips are updated every week. Jeff is a featured guest on Golf Channel and in Golf Digest, and his passion for golf, fitness, and the mental game sets him apart from other teachers. Make the Turn will elevate your game both on and off the course.

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"With time the scarcest of resources, I highly recommend Jeff Ritter's Make the Turn to all levels of players."

Cameron McCormick,
coach of Jordan Spieth


The world's most popular running calculator

McRun, created in partnership with renowned running coach Greg McMillan, allows you to predict your race times from 400 meters to 100 miles, in both miles and kilometers. It will also give you precise training paces for maximum improvement. Useful for runners at any level, it's scientifically based and runner proven.

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"It makes your life easier, especially when you're on the go. MCRUN takes out all the guesswork."

Competitor Magazine

my Packaged Deal:

The leading fastpitch softball coaching platform

We partnered with softball coaching collective The Packaged Deal, named by FloSoftball as the most popular personalities in the sport. The app contains hundreds of videos and graphics to teach hitting, pitching, defense, catching, and important life lessons. The Packaged Deal is Jen Schroeder (UCLA, catching), Amanda Scarborough (Texas A&M, pitching), Morgan Stuart (Washington, defense), and Katie Schroeder (UCLA, hitting).

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"The Packaged Deal in my back pocket. The app is outstanding!"

Sue Enquist
NCAA champion softball coach at UCLA

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Founded by brothers Peter and John Abraham, Freestyle Studios creates positive change by helping people get better at what they love. We partner with great coaches and develop high quality teaching content you can use anywhere, anytime. Our subscription based model allows for ongoing engagement, and we continuously post new videos, tips, and learning material. We are currently developing a number of other apps across different sports and learning categories.



A strategic creator, Peter started his career by producing thousands of TV commercials and several movies. His passion for sports and purpose-driven business led him to launch sports events (The Santa Monica Classic 5K/10K) and then to a role as CMO at the LA Marathon. Peter is inspired by the intersection of content, technology, and consumer experience. Hes also a TED speaker and parent with many years of experience coaching youth sports.

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